Dad Could Resist The Temptation To Record The Twins’ Sweet Conversation. This Is Priceless!

Wish this video was longer! So sweet! ♥ Uplifting such innocence and beauty . The father may find it amusing but they were communicating to each other in the womb and their communication is as real as anything else in this world.  If, you would understand them, it would blow your mind. I imagine they are talking about the good old days when they were in the womb. OR:

boy: im your big brother

girl: were born at the same time!

boy: i came into the world first thoe!

girl: Shut up, im better looking

Most clips that feature twins have indicated that they have a unique language that they use to converse and perfectly understand each other. Whether that is true or not, we have another moment to enjoy where twins are featured in the clip below and you should judge on that at the end of it.

Stign and Merle are twins and are using their language to converse. Below, they are engaged in a sweet conversation and we were lucky that their father was nearby to record everything and share with us. From the look of things, the two are ready to enjoy the many years of friendship and love that are ahead of them.

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